Which type of website you needs for your company


everyone has a question that which type of website is best for my company or firm or a business. everyone is not from the IT field so they can’t understand that this is the best type of website for my business. first of all you needs to know how many type of website is ?

(1) Static website

(2) E-Commerce website

(3) CMS website

(4) Dynamic Website

Now we understand which what is the differents between this four type of website :

(1) Static website : Static website is the basic level of website if you have a business in where you don’t needs to change any kind of data once it put in website so this is the best option for you to make static website which is also called informative website. there is only information of your company or business.

(2) E-Commerce Website : E-commerce website is one type of portal from which you can sale your product online . It is like amazon , flipkart. From this portal you can manage invoice, stock, Payment gateway, shipping etc. If you have business like this then go a head with e-commerce website. and build your online business. You can contact topweblogic for this type of website designing.

(3) CMS Website: First of all let’s know what is the meaning of CMS ? it means CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM . It is theme base website which is very popular in this digital world. Like there is backend with all the facilities . Once the website is build you can update content or images by your self. it is very easy to manage and it is the best platform for SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ) as well.

(4) Dynamic Website : Dynamic website means if you have some special requirement of website development like if you wanted to integrate your employee data, or employee registration or employee salary via your website then this is the best option for you to make dynamic website. Like the website is build as per your requirement. This is the special requirement website.

Hope you this blog is useful for you to choose your website type. and if you have still query you can write it to admin@topweblogic.com or call or whatsapp us on :+91-8488026179 / 9723402931.

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